You’ve done your research, priced your home accordingly, and now you’re ready to show. With so many homes on the market, you’ll want to do anything you can to help yours stand out. Here are some tried and true (though sometimes overlooked) tips for presenting your home to potential buyers.

  • Check the view from the street. To what will the eyes of potential buyers be drawn before they enter your home? Peeling paint or dirty windows are a turn-off. Make sure your walkway and front door areas are attractive and in good repair.

  • De-clutter. Remove excess furniture, knick-knacks, and other non-essential items to reveal spacious counters and clear tabletops. Doing so will create the appearance of more space.

  • Add light. Open window shades and curtains, and invest in a lamp or two if necessary—anything you can do to fill your rooms with light.

  • Eliminate odors. Air out the house before a showing (even in winter!), and consider baking some cookies. The ‘smells like home’ atmosphere will go a long way in making buyers feel welcome.

  • Add some greenery. Live, healthy plants and fresh flowers are a nice touch and send a signal that you put that extra special touch into your living space.

  • Make it sparkle. Although it may seem basic, don’t forget that your kitchen and bathrooms should be spotless. No dishes in the sink or on the counter, and no clothes or used towels littering the bathroom.


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