In Michael Saunders’ most recent blog post, not only is it revealed that agents of our fine firm represented 11 “sides” of Sarasota’s top 10 sales in 2011 but, she also reminds us that Michael Saunders & Co. continues to be the market leader in selling the region’s luxury properties. The article further cites economic conditions and statistical evidence of the area’s positive positioning for continued real estate market recovery.

In addition, with the largest two of the transactions coming from foreign buyers, I reflect back to a 2011 Moulton Report in which I reported on the importance of International buyers to Florida Real Estate. An estimated 25% of all real estate acquisitions in the state are credited to foreigners, with the majority executed with cash. The foreign interest in our region’s properties tends to reflect perception of value, the large selection of well-priced options, a desire to diversify investments, the opportunity for rental income, and a belief in long-term security with real estate investment in our area. Michael Saunders & Co. and her team have created unparalleled visibility around the globe for our buyers and sellers. By establishing a carefully chosen group of essential partnerships, the extraordinary transnational exposure for Sarasota Real Estate through our company cannot be understated.

I invite you to read the Michael Saunders blog posted here to read for yourself more about why “Performance Matters” when selecting the best agent to represent you in your real estate transaction.


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