This week Michael Saunders makes the case quite clearly that, despite the recent years of woe in the housing market, real estate remains a secure and desirable form of investment. In Michael’s weekly market report attached below, she cites data prepared by Steve Harney, a national real estate authority, in which he reports that over the last 12 years, “had you invested $100 in each in early 2000, by now you would have netted $140 in real estate, $112 on the Dow, $90 on the S&P and $70 on NASDAQ.”

Though our regional real estate market continues to be in a somewhat fragile state, it is well reported that 2011 saw sustained increases in key markers such as price and volume, and all indicators are pointing to further improvement in 2012. Buying a home in Sarasota has never been more “affordable”. With the prices lowered across the board plus record low interest rates…add to that the incredible lifestyle of Sarasota’s magnificent setting and infinite options for dining, entertainment and cultural activities, investing in Sarasota real estate is a safe bet!


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