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As a Broker/Associate with Michael Saunders & Company I have the privilege of also being an Associate of Christie’s International Real Estate, the world’s leading luxury residential network, through an affiliated agreement.  With 138 affiliated brokerages in 46 countries, Christie’s allows my listings to have an extended reach through the most prestigious luxury global real estate agents.  Along with the marketing benefits, I am also invited to exclusive events and presentations that sometimes only an élite group are offered to participate in.  One of which was two weeks ago when Vice President Rick Moeser invited a select few of us to hear his thoughts on the current local, regional, national and international housing markets.

Moeser is based in Palm Beach, often considered one of our competitors for luxury buyers.  He confirmed that the market there is very different in so many ways from the Sarasota Real Estate Market.  Moeser used the term “affordability” at the luxury level, and as you’ll see in the attached report, Sarasota is considerably more affordable than Palm Beach and many other highly desirable waterfront communities.

Christie’s CEO Dan Conn was quoted in their recent report on the global luxury real estate market, “Prime residential real estate continues to be immensely attractive for the world’s wealthiest individuals. Despite stock market volatility, geopolitical instability, and new regulations, luxury property markets overall still have a strong future outlook.”

As evidenced by the Sarasota Real Estate Market’s consistent double-digit price growth, especially at the luxury level, our region continues to attract buyers who do see us as not only more “affordable” than other cities, but also rich in culture, quality of life and other economic motivations, such as our generally business-friendly environment.

In my recent Moulton Sarasota Real Estate Reports, I have written of the softening of numbers of transactions taking place in our region.  As you’ll see in the attached report from Christie’s, this is very common in similar markets.  However, our dollar volume of sales is still marching ever-higher due to the remarkable price escalation, also detailed in my monthly releases.  Global sales in 2014 were extraordinary, while newly rebounded homeowner equity was being reemployed for new acquisitions.  Now that the bulk of the pent-up demand has been met, markets have moved into more “normal” and sustainable patterns of activity for much of 2015 and into 2016.

I am pleased to offer the subscribers of my Moulton Sarasota Real Estate Report exclusive access to Christie’s just released 2016 “Luxury Defined” report – “An insight into the Luxury Residential Property Market.”  I am sure you will find it extraordinarily thought-provoking, filled with fascinating information on global markets, and just a few facts that will confirm that Sarasota is indeed one of the most special of places on the planet to live, work and play!

Many thanks to Michael Saunders for realizing the importance of these prized affiliations and for bringing this community into the global spotlight through Christie’s International Real Estate.

Read the full report HERE.


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